CGS 關門,電子競技一大打擊

自從電玩小子曾政承在 WCG 獲得名次後,曾經一度台灣跟隨著韓國廠商的腳步推廣電子競技。這麼多年來,台灣的電子競技雖然不能說毫無成長,不過相較於韓國、美國等地,在這一方面的表現還是差了一大截。

美國的 Championship Gaming Series 就是一個這樣的組織,而這個組織,在這一波金融風暴的打擊下,於今年的 11/18 也黯然的宣佈結束了。


On November 18,2008 BSkyB, STAR and DIRECTTV ended their Championship Gaming Series (CGS) business.

While the concept was ahead of its time and we are extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished, it became incresaingly clear as this ambitious project evolved, that profitability was too far in the future for us to sustain operation in the interim.

Our goal was to be ahead of the curve in the e-sports space, and we conceived of CGS as a ture sports league. We invested wholeheartedly in the venture and resented viewer with a top-notch production, but the economics just didn’t up for us as this time.

Our only regret is that wa will lose a team of creative and talented individuals who invested their hearts and souls into Championship Gaming Series. We recognize their achievements and thank them for their hard work and passion.

BSkyB, STAR and DIRECTTV continue to be committed to the video games sector, which is an important part of many of our customers’ lives and a great source of entertainment.

The CGS team

CGS 的關門,使得幾款原本成為 CGS比賽項目的遊戲在推廣上受到了打擊。而在數款競賽遊戲中,《魔獸世界》正是其中的一款。

當然 CGS 並不是唯一的電子競賽組織,不過少了一個舉辦比賽的單位,對於遊戲廠商、以及選手來說都有很大的影響。